$31 million biotech centre to benefit crops, food, energy

Professor Geoff Fincher

Australia’s crop and food industries will benefit from a new $31 million biotechnology Centre of Excellence, read the media release, to be directed from the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus.

The University was on Friday the 16th of July awarded $19.25 million in federal funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC), with an additional $12 million of support from partnering institutions. The University’s new ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Wall Biology will build an international team of researchers with strong industry links.


One thought on “$31 million biotech centre to benefit crops, food, energy

  1. David Paul

    It may be of interest to know that our Company, FibreCell Australia Pty Ltd, has undertaken research work with SARDI on perrenial grasses for biomass for transport fuels and power generation. We are now commercialising these outcomes.
    My own background includes over 10 years reseach and development on non wood fibre pulping from agricultural materials.
    I would be pleased to discuss these issues with the ARC Centre of Excellence if deemed relevant.
    David Paul


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