Salt-tolerant rice offers hope for global food supply

A team of scientists from the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, a key research partner of the Waite Research Institute at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus, has successfully used genetic modification (GM) to improve the salt tolerance of rice, offering hope for improved rice production around the world.

This new research into rice builds on previous work by ACPFG researchers into the salt tolerance of plants and was conducted in collaboration with scientists now based at the universities of Copenhagen, Cairo and Melbourne.

Read about this research at PLoS ONE


2 thoughts on “Salt-tolerant rice offers hope for global food supply

  1. hieu banh

    Hi, my name Hieu Banh from Melbourne. I am interesting in obtaining more information about this salt tolerant rice please. My company in Vietnam would like to get a hold of this product to test on our salty water in Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia. Is this possible please? If yes, what are the conditions? Because at the moment, there is about 30% of our salty water left no use, and we can get a lots of support from The Government in Vietnam if we can get this rice grown commercially in my country. I would appreciate if you get back to me on this please.

    Many thanks

  2. Darren Plett

    Hi Hieu Banh, thank you for your interest in our research I will contact you soon to explore the possibilities – Darren Plett


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