The 2nd A. E. V. Richardson Lecture

Dissecting nitrogen use efficiency in modern wheat, or who cares about nitrogen, and what can we do about it?

Food security and sustainable crop production are major concerns for agriculture, particularly with an increasing world population and the pressures on land use combined with negative impacts of climate change. Underpinning crop production is the efficient use of resources including fertilisers. Nitrogen fertiliser is a key determinant for both yield and quality in crops; however inappropriate use has negative economic and environmental consequences. The logical targets for crop improvement in relation to nutrient use efficiency and production will be discussed by Dr Malcolm J. Hawkesford who has been invited to deliver the 2nd A.E.V. Richardson Lecture in recognition of his contribution to agronomy and commitment to integrating research from the level of the gene through to field physiology and agronomy.

The A.E.V. Richardson Lecture is named in honour of the former foundation Professor of Agriculture and first Director of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute. Before joining the University of Adelaide in 1924, Professor Richardson was the Superintendent of Agriculture for Victoria and played a large role in establishing the School of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne. His direction of agricultural education and research continued during his time as Director of the Waite (1924 to 1938). He preached and practised a constant theme: advances in agricultural practice and increased productivity depended on scientifically based experimentation. Richardson’s main fields of personal research were cereal agronomy, pasture research and wheat-breeding. From 1934 to 1946, Richardson was Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CSIR and then Chief Executive Officer until his retirement in 1949. Richardson directed research and development in Australian primary production over the period of its most rapid growth. A.E.V. Richardson died in December 1949.

Date/Time: Monday 29th November, 4pm
Plant Genomics Centre Seminar Room, Waite Campus
Speaker: Dr Malcolm J. Hawkesford (Rothamsted Research, UK)
: Free

The presentation will be followed by drinks and nibbles

For further Information contact: Dr Amanda Able


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