The Waite Research Institute welcomes Dr Heather Bray

Heather Bray

Dr Heather Bray recently joined the Waite Research Institute as Special Projects Officer.

Her initial focus will be on the Waite Research Institute’s communications activities and developing programs to enhance the research management and leadership capabilities of staff and students at the Waite.

Dr Bray has a background in agricultural and animal science in addition to science communication and education. She previously worked with the Molecular Plant Breeding Cooperative Research Centre’s Education and Training program and is currently Project Manager for the ALTC funded project ‘Plant Breeding by Example’ led by Professor Diane Mather. She has also recently developed research links with Associate Professor Rachel Ankeny from the School of History and Politics through a number of small projects examining attitudes to the use of genetic modification in the production of food and beverages.

Dr Bray will be working with the Waite Research Institute two days per week (mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays) and will be located with the Waite Research Institute staff when they relocate in May.



One thought on “The Waite Research Institute welcomes Dr Heather Bray

  1. Sam

    Great to see they have Heather on board, really excited that they have someone onboard who will be focusing on the comm’s side its something the Ag world need a bit more of and you certainly have the right person to do it

    Its also really great to see the Waite Research Institute involved with so many forms of social media too, i look forward to many more blog posts and a continuing social media presence, I know that Heather is already an active member of #agchatoz and maybe we could get some more from the WRI on for a chat some time??


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