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Debate @ The Waite, 3rd November 2011

Come and see two teams debate the topic:

Agriculture should be exempt from greenhouse gas reduction schemes

Ensuring that Australia’s agricultural industries remain profitable and productive while reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a major challenge.

About 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions globally come from agriculture. Agricultural emissions are mainly methane and nitrous oxide which are much more potent that carbon dioxide. This means agriculture potentially contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions than other industries. In Australia, livestock is our third largest source of emissions, equal to transport, and make up about 70% of those from agriculture.
Reducing emissions from agriculture could contribute significantly to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Does agriculture have an obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? If other sectors are included in reduction schemes such as the ‘carbon tax’, shouldn’t agriculture be included too? Could there be new business opportunities for rural communities with schemes to offset greenhouse gas emissions? What are the consequences for the environment if agricultural emissions are not reduced?
On the other hand, agriculture is based on variable and interacting biological systems. Is it even possible to monitor its greenhouse gas emissions accurately? Do we have enough knowledge now to reduce emissions from agriculture? Would reduction schemes decrease Australia’s international competiveness in food and fibre production, along with our export earnings? What would be the likely impact on the profitability of Australian farms?

Will you be for or against?

Affirmative Team
Prof Phil Hynd, Deputy Head, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Adelaide
Dr Murray Unkovich, Lecturer in Soil Science, University of Adelaide
Mick Keogh, Executive Director, Australian Farm Institute

Negative Team
Prof Mike Young, Executive Director, The Environment Institute, University of Adelaide
Prof Wayne Meyer, Chair of Natural Resource Science, University of Adelaide
Prof Tony Peacock, Chief Executive, Cooperative Research Centres Association

Ian Doyle, President, Rural Media SA

When: Thursday 3rd November, 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Where: Lirra Lirra Cafe, Waite Campus, The University of Adelaide, Waite Rd, Urrbrae

Finger food provided. A cash bar will be open throughout the event

Admission free. Bookings essential

Register online at eventbrite or call 83036729

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