Wine debate wrap up

Our debaters: (L to R) Prof Vladimir Jiranek, Dr Dan Johnson, Prof Steve Tyerman, Mr Brian Croser AO, Dr Sue Bastian, Prof Barbara Santich

Our debate last week on the topic “The future of the Australian wine industry will be based on technology, not tradition” was a fantastic success attended by approximately 230 people on the night.

At the beginning of the evening the audience was split roughly 2:1 in favour of the proposition, that technology would be the basis of the Australian wine industry’s success in the future. All of our debaters argued their case passionately, however the negative team was unable to persuade the audience to change their minds and the affirmative team were declared winners.

To listen to the debate please click here (approx 55 minutes, 20 Mb, mp3 format)

To see how the debate looked on Twitter please click here.

For more information on the debaters, please see our previous post.

The Waite Research Institute would like to thank all who contributed to making our event a success.


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