Debate wrap up for “Australian Cities Need Australian Farmers”

Last Thursday night 150 people braved the chilly night to see our Debate @ The Waite in the City on “Australian cities need Australian Farmers” held at the RiAus in Adelaide.

Thanks to the RiAus, we also had 25 people join us via livestream from all around Australia.

In a debate where the affirmative team had a clear advantage from the start, the negative team argued valiantly to persuade 10% of the audience to change their minds. However, this was not enough to prevent the affirmative team from winning on the night.

The WRI would like to thank our moderator, Dr Paul Willis from the RiAus and his staff for their help with running the evening, as well as out speakers for the evening:

Team for the Affirmative:
Prof Wayne Meyer, Chair of Natural Resource Science, University of Adelaide
Ms Deb Bain, CEO of FarmDay, Director of Australian Year of the Farmer, Farmer
Dr Doug Bardsley, Senior Lecturer, Geography, Environment and Population, University of Adelaide

Team for the Negative:
Prof Christopher Findlay, Executive Dean, Faculty of the Professions, University of Adelaide
Councillor David Plumridge AM, Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide
A Prof Wendy Umberger, School of Agriculture Food and Wine, University of Adelaide

To listen to the debate please click here (approx 1 hour, 22 Mb, mp3 format)

To see how the debate looked on Twitter please click here.


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