“Rathjen’s Revenge” Recognising Prof Tony Rathjen’s contribution to agriculture

Professor Tony Rathjen

“Rathjen’s Revenge”

Recognising Professor Tony Rathjen’s contribution to agriculture

The Waite Research Institute and the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide are hosting a retrospective and celebration of Professor Tony Rathjen’s career to recognise Tony’s contribution to the Australian wheat breeding, farming and related industries, his research and his recent elevation to Professor status.

Tony has been instrumental in establishing a strong durum industry in South Australia and released more than 20 wheat varieties in his career.

His first major bread-wheat release was Warigal in the late 1970s. During the 1980s he worked on soft wheats, releasing Molineaux, the first cereal-cyst nematode wheat. Yitpi, released in the late 1990s, had the combination of CCN resistance and boron tolerance and was very popular in areas such as the Mallee. Tony then moved into durum following a trip to Italy. Tamaroi was the first variety released from the Waite, followed by Kalka in 2003 and Tjilkuri in 2010. Varieties from Tony’s program are still being released.

Tony has been a lecturer since starting at the University of Adelaide in 1965 and recently incorporated primary production tours for students into the course to provide an understanding of industry and the environment. Tony has also set up a foundation with royalties from Yitpi to encourage and promote research and education in the fields of crop science, particularly in relation to the wheat industry in southern Australia; and social science in linguistics of Australian languages and studies of the cultures of Australian Aborigines, particularly in relation to land usage.

All collegues, current and former students, farmers and others who wish to acknowledge Tony’s “retirement” are welcome to attend.

The event will be held on Friday 14th September 2012 at the Waite Campus.

At 1.00pm in the Charles Hawker Conference Centre, seminar presentations will address challenges confronting today’s agricultural research, crop breeding and industries and provide insight to the future, as well as acknowledge the contributions, personality and successes of Tony over his 47-year long career.  Presenters on the day are Roger Leigh, Chris Preston, Dave Maschmedt, Ian McClelland, Andy Barr, and Mike Brooks.  Tony will be giving the final presentation – “Rathjen’s Revenge: The Rebuttal”.

At 4.30 pm, following the seminars, a late afternoon social event will be held at the Waite’s Lirra Lirra Cafe. For catering purposes, please register for this free event at http://rathjensrevenge.eventbrite.com/


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