Debate wrap-up: “Every Australian child should be taught Agriculture at school”

NB: More content will be added to this post as it becomes available.

Dr John Willison taking the podium for the negative tean, Debate @ the Waite, October 2012

On Thursday the 18th of October, more than 80 people (plus our largest online audience to date) were treated on one of our most entertaining debates. For more information on the topic and speakers, please refer to our previous post on the debate.

Both sides argued passionately, using costumes and props and were ably wrangled by our moderator, Dr Paul Willis, Director of the RiAus. However, it was the negative team that were announced winners, after converting a pre-debate vote of 84% for the affirmative and 16% to the negative into a vote of 65% for the affirmative and 35% for the negative.

The Waite Research Institute would like to thank our moderator and our wonderful speakers:

Team for the Affirmative:
Associate Professor Amanda Able, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, University of Adelaide
Mr Ian Joseph, Chair, Agribusiness Council of Australia
Mr Nick van den Berg, Second year student, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University of Adelaide

Team for the Negative:
Professor Derek Leinweber, Head of School, Chemistry and Physics, University of Adelaide
Ms Lynne Strong, National Program Director, Art4Agriculture and Farmer
Dr John Willison, School of Education, University of Adelaide

To listen to the debate please click here (approx 1.25 hour, 25 Mb, mp3 format)

To see more images from the debate on Flickr click here

To read Lynne Strong’s blog post on the debate, click here

We’ll be uploading a collation of tweets showing the online conversation from the evening in the coming days.


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