Debate wrap up: Cutting Australia’s meat consumption by half would be better for us and the planet

On Thursday the 21st of March, more than 150 people attended one of our more controversial debates on whether Australians should reduce their meat consumption. For more information on the topic and speakers, please refer to our previous posts on the debate.

In our closest debate ever, the negative team were announced winners by our moderator, Dr Paul Wills, Director of the RiAus, after converting a pre-debate vote of 68% for the affirmative and 32% to the negative into a vote of 67% for the affirmative and 33% for the negative.

The Waite Research Institute would like to thank all involved in making our debate a success.

To listen to the debate please click here (approx 1.1 hour, 22 Mb, mp3 format)

To see a collection of tweets from the debate, click here


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