ARC Linkage round successes

The Waite Campus will be home to two new projects funded by the ARC Linkage Projects scheme.

In all, the University of Adelaide won $5.4 million for industry-linked research, 58% of the funding awarded to SA.

A team led by Prof Geoff Fincher from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls and A. Prof Jason Eglinton from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine was awarded $675,000 a to study the physiology and genetics of barley grain germination in the malting and brewing industries. This project was highlighted in the recent edition of The Stock Journal and the Plant Cell Walls blog.

The other successful linkage project, led by Dr Trevor Garnett and Dr Sigrid Heuer from the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics ($524,718 over 3 years) aims to improve the nitrogen use efficiency of cereal plants. The project will identify and investigate nitrogen uptake pathways to find what is limiting plants’ nitrogen uptake. Improving the nitrogen uptake process in plants will increase the plant’s ability to use nitrogen more efficiently, leading to reduced and more sustainable nitrogen fertiliser usage. This project has been highlighted on the ACPFG blog.

WRI Director Prof Mike Wilkinson is also an investigator on two projects based at the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA.


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