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Agroforestry: Sustainable Agriculture in PNG

Agroforestry is a system of land use where harvestable trees or shrubs are grown to preserve or enhance the productivity of the land. It can include activity which is quite different from the conventional understanding of ‘forestry’ such as short-rotation fuelwood production systems in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which is currently being funded by ACIAR.

Dr Ian Nuberg, a senior lecturer at the University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food & Wine currently supervises the ACIAR research conducted in PNG.

Dr Nuberg, whose main focus is in agroforestry, specifically in the context of developing countries, works on two ACIAR projects run out of PNG. They are “Promoting diverse fuelwood production systems in Papua New Guinea” and “Facilitating the establishment of charcoal producer groups in Papua New Guinea

Tony Bartlett, ACIAR’s Forestry Research Program Manager, recently travelled to PNG to see how the research to produce and sell the fuelwood was going. To read about his experience click the link below: